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(1) Support in court cases; (2) Advising businesses on company set up, taxes, termination, contracts, permits and licenses; (3) Accountant services; (4) Legal support of investments in business and real estate. Call us!

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    Area of expertise

    Support of setting up companies

    I am providing full cycle of legal service in process of setting up a company in Ukraine: setting up by foreigner and foreign entity, establishing by citizens, setting up LLC, JSC, individual entrepreneur etc.

    Changes in company's documentation

    I am providing full cycle of legal service for making changes in national register of legal entities. For example, changing shares in authorized capital, changing of CEO, changing of address, or any other information in register.

    Providing legal advice in corporate law

    I am providing legal advice for entities in different narrow issues in corporate law about structuring of company, protecting business against government control, about taxation etc.

    Mergers and acquisitions

    I am advising during transactions of M&A and providing full support of this operation.

    Termination, bankruptcy and sanation

    I am providing full cycle of legal services for companies which want to terminate own activities in all path: bankruptcy, sanction, liquidation.

    Secure business transactions

    I am providing due diligence and compliance service for business transactions.

    Legal and accounting service for companies

    I provide full cycle of service for companies during its lifetime: it begins from making funders agreement and till accounting service.

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    About Bogdan Yankiv

    Bogdan Yankiv is a business lawyer from Lviv, Ukraine. He is providing legal solutions for companies.


    Overview of my projects

    Legal support of setting up company by foreign entity

    As a corporate lawyer in Ukraine I provided full legal service for setting up LLC in Ukraine.

    Legal structuring of mini mall

    Through a combination my specializations of corporate law and real estate law I provided full cycle of legal service to set up and structure mini mall in Lviv region.

    Terminating LLC with foreign co-founder

    I took part in process of terminating Limited liability company with foreign co-founder according Ukraine law.

    Advising during $100 000+ transaction

    As a real estate lawyer I provided advice for company during selling it immovable assets which cost more then $100 000.

    Support of company activities (legal&account)

    I am serving companies during its running time by accounting and legal service.

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      Bogdan Yankiv's client - Britiish American Tobacco
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      smart solution - bogdan yankiv client
      pzvz - Bogdan yankiv client
      Brainy - Bogdan Yankiv's client

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      Interesting fact about legal service for companies

      70% of companies are outsourcing legal service. It's more effective, less expensive and faster than have in-house lawyer.

      It's less expensive

      It's too expensive to hire in-house lawyer. You should pay him every month. External services can be ordered only when it's required.

      If's faster

      In-house lawyer, in mostly cases, need to make research before giving consultation. But, when you are getting external lawyer you can get narrow expertise.

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        Lawyer in Lviv, Ukraine

        Hey! I am a lawyer in Lviv. My name is Bogdan Yankiv. I am providing advice for entities and individuals. If you have any question about legal service in Lviv, Ukraine text me.

        Corporate lawyer in Lviv, Ukraine

        My main specialization is corporate law and business law. So, I am a corporate lawyer in Lviv, Ukraine. I can help with establishing a company, give advice during running the company and provide legal service for determination the company.

        Real estate lawyer in Lviv

        My second area of interest is real estate legal regulation in Lviv. So, I am real estate Lawyer in Lviv, Ukraine. If you need any advice during buying real estate property in Lviv I can give it as real estate lawyer in Lviv, or in Ukraine.

        Attorney in Lviv, Ukraine

        Lawyer and Attorney in Lviv, especially in Ukraine is a different type of legal status. I am not an attorney, but a Lviv’s lawyer in Ukraine.  It means, that I can not give a legal service during criminal proceeding. But, that is not my specialization. As mentioned before I am corporate lawyer and real estate lawyer in Lviv.

        Law and legal service in Lviv, Ukraine

        In my specialization I can provide full cycle of law and legal service in Lviv, Ukraine. I understand modern speed of life and we can organize cooperetion in 2 path: offline method (visiting my office) and  online (getting legal service by Skype). So, you shouldn’t be worry about how to get law and legal service in Ukraine. Sometimes foreigners are looking for legal counsel in Ukraine, Lviv. I am certified English speaking lawyer and can provide to you any legal advice. So, if you need legal counsel in Ukraine, Lviv just text me.

        Legal help and legal aid in Lviv

        If it happens that you need legal help and legal aid in Lviv, Ukraine immediately you can call me or text. Normally, I reply in one hour so you will get quick response and get legal help and legal aid in Lviv.
        Best wishes, Bogdan

        legal help and legal aid in Lviv

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