Bogdan Yankiv

Lawyer who is practicing in business Law. Bogdan provides service for small and medium size of business about incorporating, taxation an operating of company.
  • Corporate law
  • Tax law
  • Incorporating abroad
  • Ready-to-go legal solution
  • Support of transactions
  • Counsulting


Bogdan got law degree in 2017. Master's degree got in 2018.
  • Master of law | Lviv National University after Ivan Franko
  • Pre LLM | School of American law
  • Corporate law | ILTI
  • Take participant in seminars, conferences and disscusions
  • Founder of LegalTech project ClerkBot
Янків Богдан

My interests

My professional interest is business law. This law consist corporate law, employment law, civil law, commercial law, contract law ant other related areas.
My hobby is books, sport and internet marketing.

Business law

I am working with small and medium size business. Everyday provide ready-to-go solutions for companies. That's why I have enough practical and knowledge base to support day-to-day actives of my client's business.

Sport and books

A sound mind in a sound body. Because of sport and gym I can implement mentioned life wisdom in reality.

Internet marketing

The modern world is fast, everything goes towards to the digitalization. I am developing in internet marketing and trying to practice it. This site is nothing else than realizing of my skills.

Do you need a proper legal counsel with whom you can speak in one language?

You are familiar with my biography and my interests. If they cross with you, we should definitely try to work together! Write me, tell me about yourself and your business - I'll contact with you in the shortest time.

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